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General Questions

How May I Apply To Become A Member?

By contacting our club and asking to meet a sales agent. You can call us at: Tel: 37947261-2-2-4-5. Email us at: Visit us: Khamayl Club by Smash Management, inside Khamayl Compound, in front of Hyper One, Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City.

How Much Is The Membership?

To receive more details about the membership cost and conditions, please contact our sales agent at one of the contact details given here above. Note: The membership cost increases rapidly. We recommend that if you intend to be a member, you don’t delay your decision.

May I Invite Friends Once I Am A Member?

Yes, you receive a booklet of 20 invitations. Once the booklet is finished, you can pay for new invitations.

How Much Is The Invitation Ticket?

Entry ticket costs EGP50.

May I Use The Invitations On Weekends?

You may NOT use invitations on Fridays or official public holidays. You can buy entry tickets.

Sport Activities

What are the sports activities offered by the club?

The club offers all sports activities, events and social activities like celebrations and trips. Please stay updated by giving your email and telephone number to the Customer Service. Be sure also to follow our posts on the boards and on our Facebook page. We always have a lot happening. See the calendar of activities here.

Is the gym free?

Yes, it is free of charge for members only.

Will The Olympic Pool Be Covered?

No it will not be covered, it is heated during Winter.

What Is The Track Length?


What Is The Recreation Pool Depth?

From 120cm to 210 cm.

What Is The Olympic Pool Depth?

From 120cm to 280cm.

What Is The Kiddy Pool Depth?



What are the coaches’ qualifications?

Smash coaches are hired for their qualifications as well as their ethics. We aim at building well-rounded individuals, not just champions.

Annual Fees

When should I pay for my annual fees?

The annual fees must be paid no later than March 1st. After this date, a penalty will be applied.

What should I do if I travel abroad and I am not using the club for 1 or more years but I want to conserve my membership?

You can freeze it by showing your travel document and by paying 50% only of the annual fees. While frozen, you won’t receive the invitation booklet. Anytime you want to use the club again, you need to pay the full annual fees.

After Payment

 I have some concerns about the services and the payment, whom should I contact?

You can call us: Tel: 37947261-2-2-4-5. Email us at:  or visit the Customer Service.

Food & Beverages

May I Use The Club To Invite Friends Or Celebrate An Event Like A Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Iftar, Sohour, Etc.?

Yes, your club is your second home and our team will be delighted to help you organize your events and special celebrations.You can call us and ask for the Food and Beverage Manager, tel: 37947261-2-2-4-5 Write to us: Visit us: Khamayl Club by Smash Management, inside Khamayl Compound, in front of Hyper One, Sheikh Zayed City, 6th of October city.

Product Marketing

What Should I Do If I Want To Market For My Product Through The Club? You Have Several Options:

You can become a sponsor and have the possibility to advertise through our banners, flyers, social media (Facebook, Instagram), logo on team’s T-shirts etc., or you can rent a table or a booth spot for a certain period.

You can always contact us to advertise your product. You can call us on 37947261-2-2-4-5. Email us at:, Or visit us: Khamayl Club by Smash Management, inside Khamayl Compound, in front of Hyper One, Sheikh Zayed City, 6th of October City.