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Dream of Champions


Smash has extensive experience in coaching juniors and developing national and international players. Khameyl provides 12 clay courts, all lit. They can be used for group or individual training as well as for private booking.


Our swimming program is based on the American Red Cross way of teaching: Learn to Swim. This program helps develop the aquatic skills in a logical progression. The levels are evaluated on a monthly basis. They are also evaluated by the federation.


Soccer school: For parents who are willing to develop their children skills in a good environment. Soccer will develop great coordination, endurance and discipline while having great fun.

Water Polo

Water polo offers the benefits of swimming while playing. The game is fast, competitive and terrific fun. Our water polo classes are specifically designed for your children to be able to practice this high intensity game in a safe and clean environment.

Water Ballet

When swimming benefits and elegance meet. Your daughter will develop her artistic and feminine side in a very healthy and beautiful activity. You will enjoy her practice as well as she will

Table Tennis

Anybody, anytime, anywhereIt is fun, it is popular and it is a nice way to socialize. The benefits of table tennis are hand-eye coordination, gross and fine muscles movement improvement, reflexes and mental alertness.


Did you know that an hour of basket can burn 630-750 calories? Basket is the sport that allows players of all ages and all abilities to burn a great amount of calories while playing a great sport, making new friends and having fun.


Volleyball is a great way to stay healthy and fit. Not only does volley tone and shape your body, but it also increases its metabolism and keeps your heart healthy. 2 other clear advantages are that they will develop your interpersonal skills and improve your mood.


This outdoor activity for men and women of all levels is now extremely popular in Egypt. In just one month of commitment, you will feel better and look better. The atmosphere is motivating and supportive and helps you continue improving.


Work with a personal trainer and get those results faster! Through their individualized programs, they will bring you motivation, variation and rapid progress. A personal trainer will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine to build efficiency. He can help push you or slow you down as necessary.