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Enjoy our delicious selection of food & beverages in the relaxing atmosphere of Khamayl Club by Smash Management. We are keen to offer you a menu with local and international cuisines to cater to all tastes. Our in-house chefs use the best quality ingredients, and maintain strict hygiene inside the kitchen that is audited by an international company specialized in food & water hygiene. Our waitressing staff are always looking forward to serving you.


Celebrate your loved ones birthday party with the best organization and food at our spacious pool or garden areas. Tailor your menu and event decorations.


During the holy month of Ramadan, we serve you during Iftar and Sohour with our oriental menu and dishes. Additionally, we offer Iftar and Sohour to large groups including corporates and family and friends gatherings.

Other events

Weddings, engagements, seminars, dinners, or private events; we are fully equipped to provide you with high standing hassle-free events. We have both indoor and outdoor fully facilities and very competent staff to answer to your various expectations at affordable prices.