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Padel Tennis

Padel Sportex has finally opened its Padel court in Khamayl Club; enjoy the famous sport with your friends and family!


Smash Tennis Academy has extensive expertise since 1997 in coaching juniors and developing national and international champions. Khamayl Club provides 12 clay courts used for national tournaments, group or individual training, as well as private coaching.


Smash Swimming School provides you with the best coaching experience, being the leader in the market. With over 1000 swimmers and more than 6 branches, our coaching team guarantees a fun and interactive training time for children and adults.


Smash Football Academy trains champions who become pro as young as 12 years old. Our experienced coaches develop players mentally and physically to compete in national and international championships.

Table Tennis & Billiard

Tables Tennis and Billiard are on of the most entraining and popular fun sports made for socializing and showing off some skills!


Did you know that an hour of basketball training can burn up to 630-750 calories? Basketball is one of the most popular ports in the world, and our Basketball Academy ensures you get quality training with our programs.


Volleyball is a great way to stay healthy and fit. Not only does volleyball tone and shape your body, but it also increases its metabolism and keeps your heart healthy. We offer classes that help in your development in the sport.

Fitness & Gym

Our fitness and gym classes for both men and women are the right choice for a better and more rounded life-style. In just one month of commitment, you will feel better and look better. The atmosphere is motivating and supportive and helps you continue improving.


Handball is one of the most popular and athletically pleasing sports. Our handball classes offer you extensive programs and professional coaching.


Bringing you the most famous cardio sport, Aerobics, we are committed to providing you with a sweaty, calorie-burning, and body sculpting experience.

Martial Arts

Our martial arts classes include Karate, Kickboxing (for both adults and kids), and Kung Fu.


Gymnastics is the best sport to provide a strong and flexible basis for your child’s athletic future. Our gymnastics classes are there to offer you quality training.