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Guidelines and Regulations

  1. Keep us informed
    Please keep customer service informed about any changes, such as:
  • Inability to attend any class for whatever reason.
  • Change of telephone or mobile numbers, e-mail addresses.
  1. Payment:
  2. You are kindly requested to pay the monthly fees during the first 10 days of every month. After the 10th of the month a penalty is added as follows EGP10 after the 10th, EGP20 after the 20th and EGP30 after one month.
  3. In case of payment and absence without notice till the 15th of the month, the player will lose his place. We transfer to the other month 50% of the money only if notice is given within the first 2 weeks.
  4. In case of no show and no payment till the 10th of each month, the club reserves the right to exclude the players name from the list. If the player wants to join again he/she should request a new schedule according to availability.
  1. Substitute for missed classes:
    For members and non-members, 2 substitutes for missed classes are allowed per month. The substitutions should be done within the same month. Please check with the Customer Service before substituting any class.
  2. Punctuality: 
    In order to take maximum benefit of every class, please do your best to come on time. Any player who is late for more than 15 minutes will not be admitted into the class.
  3. Information on player progress
    Inquiries about the performance and progress of players should be addressed to the sports’ supervisor.